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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Apartment

When looking at apartments for rent in Long Beach, CA, there are certain factors you must prioritize in your search. From cost to convenience, the following are five things to consider before you rent your new apartment.

The lease

This is possibly the most important aspect to consider when looking for a rental apartment in Long Beach CA. All other aspects rely on it. Ensure that all of the amenities included, cost, lease term, and previous damage are clearly specified in the contract. Make sure you’ve read and understood the contract before signing it. What if your neighbors get on your nerves? Is it possible to sublet your place when you’re out of town? Do you know how much it’d cost to terminate the lease?

The environs

There are many ways to assess a neighborhood prior to signing a lease. You can make your way to Long Beach several times to find out its noise levels as well as usual activities. You can also talk to the neighbors. If you fail to research well, you might end up in retirement neighborhood or noisy college party town without realizing it.

The price

It’s imperative to compare the rates of other Long Beach CA rental apartments. Similarly, compare the prices of your previous home(s) with your new one. Is the cost of the apartment reasonable? If so, can you effortlessly afford it? Can your salary support your desire for home upgrading? List your budget items each month. If you want something better, consider what you’ll forego to afford it.

The damage

When visiting your possible new abode, let the landlord know of any visible damage. Ask your landlord if they’re willing to repair the damage before the beginning of the lease. Otherwise, ask for reduced rent or amenities in return. Make sure to photograph any nicks or dings, and remind the property manager or landlord to specify the things in the lease.

In addition, find out what the prospective landlord sees as damage. What you see as wall decoration could be considered as damage by the landlord.

The services

It’s also worth considering the amenities that come with the apartment. Yes, a parking spot, dryer, and washer are nice to have. But if they’re not provided, know what other options exist. For example, if there’s no onsite Laundromat, is there a nearby Laundromat?

Does the apartment block come with high-speed internet, which can help you with your homework? Does it have peaceful common areas where schoolwork can be done away from raucous roommates? Does it have facilities outside, a pool, or somewhere you can relax?

Apartment hunting is not something many people enjoy or look forward to. But with these tips, you’ll surely get a place that fits nearly all of your needs.

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