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Effective Ways of Dealing with Unfair Treatment in the Workplace

For most people, going to work every day is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. You get to earn a living while contributing to the growth of your community. However, going to the workplace is a horrible and stressful event for other people. People who dread going to work may be working in a hostile environment that subjects them to discrimination, sexism, bullying, harassment and other kinds of mistreatment. There are certain effective ways of dealing with such unfair treatment. Using these channels will ensure that going to work can be a joy and stress free.

One of the recommended channels is by going through the human resources department. Improving employee welfare is one of the main responsibilities of the human resources department. You need to report the perpetrator and explain exactly what they did wrong. The human resources personnel are trained on how to handle such cases and ensure the harassment stops. Some departments even allow you to make anonymous reports if you fear victimization.

In some companies, it is possible to take your complaints to the higher officials. This includes the senior managers and directors in the company. This is especially when you want to report a high ranking official. For the very big companies, you can report even the senior managers to the corporate offices.

Another option is to go for constructive dismissal. In some countries, constructive dismissal is also called constructive termination or constructive discharge. This provision in law allows a worker to resign from their job because of ill treatment. When you exercise this option, the company can no longer hold you to the terms of your contract. It also allows you to take a legal action against your former employer. Many employers would rather avoid constructive dismissals as they give their companies a negative reputation.

In some situations, the best course of action it to look for alternative employment. You can use this channel if the unfair treatment is coming from the highest ranking employees. If you have lodged complaints through the right channels and nothing has come of it, it is better to quit the job. That’s because the disadvantages of working in a hostile atmosphere may far outweigh the benefits. Excessive stress at work can also have other negative effects on your health.

In Summary, it’s better to confront unfair treatment at work. Keeping quiet and suffering in silence is not advisable as it may never stop. When you speak out, other people can come up too and together you can make a stronger case. Speaking out is the first step towards improving your work environment for the better.